The Sun Might Come Up.

Tomorrow, I go for a job interview, for Money Marketing.

This comes after two days of nine-hour conference learning sessions on financial journalism, fifty applications to various companies for various positions, forty-eight rejections, and far too many hours spent watching people mill around the Job Center Plus in north London like someone has just died.

Whether or not I’ll be successful, I’m not entirely sure. But this time, this time I know my content really well. I know my limits, my weaknesses, my experience, and of course, my portfolio will be 80% games journalism, because I think it represents me at my best, at my most passionate (I am aware of the irony of putting that word in italics, rest assured).

If I get the job, I will learn. I will improve. I will finally be able to show people that I can report news and investigate with the best of them, without having to desperately post things on an aggregate site just so five people can ignore the link and comment on my bad choice of relevant pictures because they lack nudity and/or Bayonetta (though both subjects share many traits).

I am scared, obviously. I’m terrified. I want this job because I want to prove myself. Do myself proud. Do Lex proud. Do my Dad proud – and most importantly, do my grandfather proud because it’ll prove him right – I got on with my studies, and I will be rewarded with the work I deserve.

I think I’ll always be a journalist, whatever my job title may change to over my lifetime. I’ll always look at events, even in my own life, in terms of news and tabloid gossip. I’ll always cringe at spelling and grammar errors in bestseller crime novels in Waterstones. And I’ll always silently fume when people choose the one game on the shelf that got bad reviews across the board because they think it’d be fun for their kid. It’s sad, really – we tell the parents of 2010 not to buy GTA IV for their 13-year-old, and yet – all the games for his age bracket are, well, shit.

Ahem – moving on. Tomorrow will be scary, and I’ll be nervous. But I’ll be damned if I won’t be determined. Hoo-rah, and all that.

  1. Good luck! :)

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