And so it begins.

Well, after a year or so of constantly writing about video games, preceded in part by fifteen solid years of talking about, playing, thinking about, and obsessing over them, I thought it was time that I began my own blog, as journalists who work via the Internet very rarely are seen without one.

I’ll be sticking links up to anything I’ve written off this site, as re-posting them on this blog seems a waste of space. Instead, you get editorials, reviews, previews, interviews and news articles of personal interest to me and gamers generally. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes, as it’ll be all raw stuff without any need for a writing style dictated by the editor gods above. A quick nod to the missus then, as without her suggestion I’d have never sorted out the domain and the blog, and it’s nice to have someone who’ll understand that you’re tired because of Banjo Kazooie instead of hard work (thanks Poohbie).

So without further ado, go team journo.