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January 2009
Resolution Magazine: The Great Escape
December 2009
Resolution Magazine: Top Ten Games of the Decade
November 2009
Resolution Magazine: Apocalypse How
Hi-Score: Top Ten Cutscenes with a Twist
October 2009
Resolution Magazine: PSP Gone
September 2009

August 2009
Hi-Score: Top Ten Platformers with a Twist

July 2009
The Escapist: Gateway to Gaming
Plot Wholes #20: Childish Behaviour
Resolution Magazine: Madballs in Babo Invasion Preview

June 2009/E3
Resolution Magazine: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Preview
Honest Gamers: Dragonica Preview
Resolution Podcast: Episode Six
Ve3tro: Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

March 2009
GamerNode: Give Gamer Wallets a Break [broken link – noted]
Plot Wholes #10: Beam Me Up, Shepherd
Ve3tro: Dawn of War II Review
GamerNode: Zombie Nation
Plot Wholes #9: Holy Metacritic, Batman!
Plot Wholes #8: Onward, to Glory
GamerNode: The Mythic Map Pack Diaries #3 [broken link – noted]
GamerNode: The Mythic Map Pack Diaries #2 [broken link – noted]
Febuary 2009
GamerNode: Halo Wars Review
GamerNode: The Mythic Map Pack Diaries #1 [broken link – noted]
Plot Wholes #7: Small Cog, Big Machine
Plot Wholes #6: Leave Them Laughing
GamerNode: The Greatest Achievement
GamerNode: Ninety Percent Certain
GamerNode: Death From Above
Plot Wholes #5: Joysticks and Popcorn
GamerNode: Quake Live Hands-On
GamerNode: Metacritic: The Downfall of Free Speech?
GamerNode: Bailout on Fallout
Plot Wholes #4: God-Given Talent

January 2009
Plot Wholes #3: What is it Good For?
Plot Wholes #2: Insanity Sells: The J-RPG
GamerNode: Fable II: Knothole Island Review
Plot Wholes #1: Lazy Heroes

December 2008
Gamers With Jobs: Political Editorial

July 2008
IGN UK: TNA iMPACT! preview

June 2008
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